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Training Track & Skills

The training area gets you on the Segway X2 and helps you maneuver around a track specially designed to build up experience for all terrains on the Segways on both level and hilly sections.

Gravel Track

While on the 'Gravel Track' your body needs to relax and act as its own suspension as you glide over the stoney surface.

Grass Track

Once your confidence has increased we move onto grass. Grass conditions depend on the weather so can prove more challenging than a gravel track - this course tests your riding ability with long straights and tight turns.

Woodland Track

Please note all packages start with Training, Gravel and Grass tracks.

The woodland track is relaxing with gentle slopes, a tranquil stream and beautiful woodland, however, things become more challenging as you twist and turn around the trees.

Adrenaline Woodland Track

For the thrill seekers and confident riders - this course includes: steep hills and drops, bumps, and narrow paths amongst the narrow woodland tracks.

Please note all of our experiences are follow the leader style, there is no racing, or top speed areas.

Adrenaline Woodland
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